FANUC Presents New SCARA Robot

SCARA robots are the newest addition to FANUC's product catalog. They have introduced two robots to their SR line, SR-3iA, and SR-6iA. Notably, the SR Series is the first SCARA robots to be sold by FANUC. Calvary Robotics received a hands-on showcasing of one of the new robots, the SR-3iA. Furthermore, both robots are high-speed, high precision with an ultra-compact footprint. Additionally,  the SR Series features a Web-based programming environment via tablet or PC.


FANUC Presents SCARA Robot

FANUC SCARA Robot Presentation

Hands on with FANUC's new SCARA Robot

Hands on with FANUC's new SCARA Robot

SCARA stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm. Uniquely these types of robots are ideal for high-speed, precision applications such as assembly, pick and place, testing/inspection and packaging processes.

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ATX West - Calvary Robotics Shows X-Cell II 

Calvary Robotics recently displayed the X-Cell II at ATX West . The X-Cell II’s ATX West debut was a live pick and place application. Calvary Robotics' X-Cell II assembled a pregnancy test utilizing a Stäubli TX 60 along with Vision Application, shown in the video below.

The X-Cell II

Notably this was a prime application to demonstrate at ATX West given that the show has a focus on the medical field. Markedly, the X-Cell II is part of Calvary Robotics' Pre-Engineered Solution Platform that is scalable, redeployable, and cost effective compared to custom applications. Find out more about the X-Cell II.

X-Cell II ATX West
X-Cell II at ATX West

The Show

ATX West Sign

ATX West was held in Anaheim California at the Anaheim Convention Center. This year the show ran February 6-8. Over 2,000 companies were on site displaying a full range of automation technology. In addition, ATX provides free presentations, interactive and networking events throughout the show’s run. Significantly over 20,000 people attend this annual convention. Together with ATX West four other shows run concurrently. MD&M West, WestPackPacific Design & Manufacturing, and PLASTEC West. To emphasize all five shows offer specifically focused exhibitors and applications for attendees.

Show Signs

ATX Booth
Full booth at ATX West featuring the X-Cell II
Nick & Matt ATX West with X-Cell II
Nick Gordon & Matt Howell from Calvary Robotics next to the X-Cell II at ATX West

ATX West Booth

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RIT Career Fair

Calvary Robotics attended the RIT University-Wide Career Fair for all majors, yesterday, February 7, 2018.

Thank you to all the students that stopped by, we had a great turnout.

RIT Career Fair
Calvary Robotics at RIT Career Fair - February 7, 2018

RIT sponsors a major fall and spring career fair. Both career fairs are held on campus and provide a day for fair activities followed by a day for on-campus interviewing. Notably, RIT Career Fairs allows companies to showcase their products and services. As well as being able meet face-to-face with RIT's students and alumni to discuss employment opportunities.

Overall the fair gives companies the opportunity to talk with potential RIT co-op students, graduating students and alumni from all majors. Additionally, on average, RIT’s Career Fair is attended by over 4,000 students and alumni from 9 colleges.

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Calvary Robotics Careers

Lastly, are you interested in a career with Calvary Robotics? All of our career opportunities can be located on our Careers page.