Outsourced Manufacturing

Managed Performance

For one thing, more and more companies are seeking to outsource the production of their parts or assemblies to a third party. Companies do this because of rising costs, yields and required infrastructures. This is due to the associated costs and availability of the support people necessary to maintain and operate the production lines at desired outputs and efficiencies. Given that, the situation is certainly becoming prohibitive or concerning at best. Therefore a niche and natural fit for this business model would be to partner with Calvary. Thus, as the designer and builder of the systems, who would be better qualified to operate and maintain the equipment? Ultimately this ensures low risk, efficient, high quality, and timely part delivery to you as well as your end customer.

Production Efficiency

  • Systems Designed Specific to Your Requirements
  • Cost Effective
  • Co-Shared Quality System
  • Performance Tracking
  • System Optimization
  • Highest Possible Uptime
  • Regular Maintenance and Improvements
  • Ability to Transition Production
  • Complete System Documentation - All Aspects - Transition