Product Commercialization

A Disciplined Phased Approach

Calvary's unique skill set coupled with synergistic business units, was the genesis for our Products Group. This Business Unit is focused on the commercialization of Products from inception, to market or anywhere in between. Chiefly, these products are both, automation related and non-automation related. Also this Business Unit has the disciplines required to concept, develop, test, engineer, commission, build and support. In addition, all these aspects are all integrated into the Calvary Business Units. In effect this means reduced time to market, cost savings, and managed risk, all from an experienced company.

Solid Principles

Calvary’s commercialization process is based on solid planning, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing principles. Also the process serves as a "roadmap" for multi-functional project teams to accomplish their work both on time and within budget. Equally, our disciplined phased approach that evolves the product and manages risk is paramount to the overall program success.

Supported by:

    Customer Focused Culture
    Dedicated Transitions and Program Teams
    Customized Materials Solutions
    Leading Edge Manufacturing Capabilities
    Global Supply Chain
    Lean Manufacturing Practices
    Quality Driven Systems and Processes
    Value Engineering
    Sustaining Services