World Class Capabilities

Vertical Integration

From its beginning and at the present time, Calvary reinvests in technology, and human resources, along with our facilities and equipment. Also beyond these investments, we have continuously implemented new processes and standards. In order to make us more efficient, more competitive, lower overall risk and differentiate us from our competition.  For example, one of our latest investments with our technology partners is our research and test labs. It is here that these labs are used for project feasibility, risk reduction as well as R&D surrounding the latest enabling and disruptive technologies. Accordingly, at Calvary, we are constantly striving for improvement and also maintaining our leadership position in the market.

Industry Leading Infrastructure

  • 385,000 square foot Modern Facility
  • Technology Labs
  • Full Service Engineering - Applications, Mechanical and Software
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Kitting Area and Materials Cage
  • Guarding Assembly
  • FleX Assembly
  • Piping
  • Panel Build
  • Electrical - Machine Wiring
  • Multiple Assembly Bays
  • Secure Areas
  • Machine Shop
  • Customer Suites and Conference Rooms

State of the Art

One visit to Calvary will convince you. Because of that the same attention to detail, quality and performance that you see in our facility and staff, in fact, gets transferred into every piece of equipment and product that we produce.