Calvary Robotics’ innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry has grown in parallel with consumer demands and our Customers’ need to overcome todays labor challenges.

Calvary applies cross-discipline design fundamentals to provide sanitary and hygienic designs that are applied through strict food safety guidelines and principles.

Calvary’s solutions yield increased throughput, generous ROI and  improved quality with minimal floor space requirements.

Calvary’s large-scale capacity and robust supply chain provide highly competitive machine lead-times.





Calvary has provided solutions in many specialized applications, such as but not limited to:

  • Primary and Secondary Packaging
  • Raw Protein Handling
  • Variety Packages
  • Pre-packaged Product
  • High Throughput Production
  • Quality Control; Machine Vision Inspection
  • Flexible Handling Platforms
  • End-of-line Palletizing
  • Retail Dispensary Systems
  • After Market Service and Support