Food and Beverage IndustryCalvary Robotics’ innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry has grown parallel with consumer insights, demands and luxury Items. Our experience includes multiple technologies to optimize processes for high volume or high mix production. We provide solutions to accommodate flexible volumes by designing modular and scalable solutions. We are sensitive and understanding to the ongoing development and product design iterations, as well as delicate handling to avoid cosmetic damage to products that will be exposed to end users.

We are experienced with many different controls platforms and are familiar with integration to ERP and MES systems, as well as plant floor supervisory networks. Our controls experience can provide a variety of batch and part level data collection for analysis and record keeping.

We have integrated a number of technologies frequently used in consumer products, such as flexible part feeding, container filling, coating, adhesive applications, screw driving and welding technologies, electronic leak and functional testing, cosmetic and qualitative vision inspection, laser marking, printing and decorating processes, as well as primary and secondary packaging.