The Bark & Roar Show 2

The Bark & Roar Show 2

September 13th, 2019 by

With Summer coming to a close Calvary hosted its second annual Bark & Roar Show. Employees bring in their cars, bikes and dogs for a fun filled afternoon. For more about Calvary Robotics and other News

Weiss - New Products

Weiss – New Products

September 5th, 2019 by

Weiss came to Calvary to show off new products they have to offer. One of the showcase products was their PICK&PLACE. Learning about new products can aid our engineers with future applications. A new product means new possiblities. Weiss The company was founded in 1967 in Germany. Within two years they shipped their first roarty … Continue reading “Weiss – New Products”


Horizon Solutions Product Fair

August 27th, 2019 by

Horizon Solutions hosted a Product Fair here at Calvary. This fair’s products were from the companies LinMot & Stober. LinMot has a focus on Linear Motion Technology and Stober is a leader in Industrial Gear Motors. The Fair was well recieved as is gave Calvary’s engineers an opportunity to learn about these companies’ offerings and … Continue reading “Horizon Solutions Product Fair”


KUKA Mobile Platforms

August 21st, 2019 by

KUKA presented to Engineers about their Mobile Platforms. According to KUKA “All mobile platforms ensure maximum freedom of movement. The Mecanum wheel system enables high-precision transport – even with the heaviest loads. Autonomously navigating systems are used for fully automatic operation. Our portfolio of omnidirectional mobile robot platforms provides the foundation for the flexible production facilities of the … Continue reading “KUKA Mobile Platforms”

Pencils and Paper

School Supplies Donation

August 13th, 2019 by

The employees of Calvary teamed up with The United Way to help collect school supplies for the program Pencils and Paper. Pencils and Paper The program “operates a free store to serve the educational and creative needs of children in the Greater Rochester area by providing school supplies to teachers at high poverty schools. If … Continue reading “School Supplies Donation”

FANUC National Sales Meeting

FANUC National Sales Meeting

August 9th, 2019 by

Recently Calvary Robotics’ Vice President of Robotics & Technology Mike Marseglia presented at FANUC’s North American National Sales Meeting. Mike spoke about Calvary’s Automation Platforms & Pre-Engineer Solutions. He also tied in how both companies working together leads to better results for everyone. The presentation was well recieved by all.   For more about Calvary Robotics and … Continue reading “FANUC National Sales Meeting”

Care Package for Troops

Care Package for the Troops

July 31st, 2019 by

Everyone here at Calvary got together to help donate a wonderful care package to send to our Troops stationed in Afghanistan. We hope this care package finds them safe and can help when they are so far from their homes and loved ones. Thank you for your service.

Zimmer Group

Zimmer Group – Product Presentation

July 25th, 2019 by

The Zimmer Group presented their product line to Calvary Engineers.  The presentation included pneumatic, hydraulix and electrical handling technologies. The demostration also touched on their damping, linear, process, machine and system technologies that they have to offer. Zimmer Group The Zimmer Group is a family-owned and operated company that was founded in Rheinau-Freistett in 1980. … Continue reading “Zimmer Group – Product Presentation”

Mitsubishi Truck

Mitsubishi Electric Demo Truck

July 16th, 2019 by

CS Automation hosted the Mitsubishi Electric Demo Truck here at Calvary Robotics. The truck was loaded with many solutions that Mitsubishi has to offer to the world of automation. Such things as Software, Controllers, HMIs and of course their Industrial Robots. Mitsubishi Electric According to their website when it come factory automation Mitsubishi Electric has … Continue reading “Mitsubishi Electric Demo Truck”

Leuze electronic

Leuze Presents New Products

July 2nd, 2019 by

Leuze electronic paid a visit to Calvary Robotics to present new products. During their visit, they focused on such topics as AGV Sensors, 1D, 2D Code Readers, and the latest sensing & safety products. Leuze electronic Founded in Germany in 1963, Leuze electronic started developing sensors for their company’s own textile machines. Leuze’s expertise lands … Continue reading “Leuze Presents New Products”