Pre Automation Services

A Predictive Outcome

A key factor in the success of a program is the investment in the upfront planning and analysis prior to design engineering. The cost of change increases dramatically as you progress through the lifecycle of a project. While the degree of influence on change decreases. Therefore it is paramount that all steps are taken upfront in order to provide for a predictable outcome. Together as a partner with Calvary, we assist you through all these steps. In addition, ensuring that you get what you want the first time and every time. Furthermore we offer a wide variety of up front services. All this helps because it mitigates any risks in your process or assembly. Regardless if the project is in a mature or a new state of development.

Services Offered

  • URS or Specification Development
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • DFM/DFA Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Scheduling and Timelines
  • Budgeting and Cost Analysis
  • Concept Development/Comparisons
  • Proof of Principle Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Others as Required
  • TCO Analysis