Continuous Improvement

Quality & Performance

Product Quality is critical to the success of any Automation program. Calvary applies this to both the incoming parts and the overall assembly process. Therefore we take all necessary steps by utilization of our in-house labs. Additionally, we accomplish this up front to ensure that the parts are supplied by our sites or partners and they are within the specified parameters. As a result, assuring that they will behave in a predictable fashion when utilized in the systems we build. Hence, we incorporate a wide variety of techniques and analyses into our approach. Customers are provided with the expected outcome in terms of stack up, fit, and finish for the assembly of parts.

Overriding these specifics, we comply with the latest ISO standards. To augment our overall quality systems we adopt and create many other programs, metrics, and initiatives. We comply with regulatory and Quality Compliance Standards necessary, making us a valued partner.

Core Continuous Improvement

  • ISO 9001 Registered
  • ISO 9001:2015 - In Process - Pending
  • Phase Gate Program in Place Across All Departments
  • Full Service Quality Labs - NY and Malaysia
  • Software and Analytics Utilized throughout System Engineering
  • Certifications and Compliance for Various Standards and Systems (UL/GAMP/CE/CSA/AS9000-Pending/ITAR-Pending)
  • Numerous Internal Initiatives and Processes
  • All Processes are Measured and Tracked
  • Awareness Boards and Metrics are Posted