High-Power Resilient Battery Technology

FastCAP Systems, a developer of cutting-edge energy storage technology, announced that it has entered into a manufacturing agreement together with Calvary Robotics. In effect, this partnership will facilitate large-scale, low-cost production of FastCAP’s truly revolutionary ultracapacitors and will indeed accommodate the growing product demand.

What is an Ultracapacitor?

  • Store Energy in Electric Fields
  • Unlike Batteries, Not Based on Chemical Reactions
  • Recharge Very Quickly
  • A Very Long Lifespans, as well as a Stable Shelf Life
  • Do Not Contain Lithium
  • Provide a Much Higher Power than Batteries
  • Have a Lower Energy Density than Batteries

World's Only Ruggedized Ultracapacitors

No fire or thermal runaway is observed during abuse test

Nail Puncture
Applied Fire
Operating in Boiling Water

Aerospace & Defense Benefits

Reduced Volume, Weight and Complexity 

  • Hybrid battery-Ucap designs -> Dramatic volume and weight reductions
  • Point of Load Buffering -> Reduction of cable harness weight and complexity
  • Ruggedized -> Elimination of thermal management


  • Rated for high shock and vibration
  • Hermetically sealed for operation in vacuum

Safe, Non-volatile 

  • No Lithium
  • No thermal runaway

Low Maintenance

  • Long shelf life
  • Can be stored discharged

FastCAP’s technology certainly enables significant improvements in the way that spacecraft avionics are designed.

Supercapacitors are in fact ideal for UPS Solutions to prevent downtime while significantly reducing power consumption and maintenance cost.