World Class Capabilities – Vertical Integration

Calvary has always and continues to reinvest in technology and human resources, along with our facilities and equipment. One of our latest investments with our technology partners is our research and test labs. Our labs are used for quality checks, project feasibility and risk reduction, as well as research and development surrounding the latest enabling and disruptive technologies.

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Robotics LabTechnology LabVision LabQuality Inspection Lab

Robotics Lab

Single Source Responsibility

robotics lab

xcell series

Calvary has been designing and building automation systems for over 25 years. Our employees, processes and infrastructures makes Calvary the a strong choice when it comes to working through solving your problems and challenges. The use of our Robotics Lab allows us to align our knowledge with your needs equipping Calvary to be ready to handle all types of projects and requests.

robotics lab

Technology Lab

technology lab


The Technology Lab ensures that the end result of your project is aligned with your expectations and risks are minimized. We are experienced with a very diverse range of technology and processes as well as numerous partnerships with many of the market leaders and their products. This ensures seamless integration and a delivery of a superior end product.

3d Printing

Features of our Technology Lab include:

                • 3D Printer
                • Tooling Supplies
                • Emergency Equipment

Vision Lab

Standard and Unique Solutions for Inspection, Guidance and Testing

Vision & Inspection Lab

Calvary Robotics is committed to advancing technology in our industry. We do this not only through our normal course of business, but also through investing a substantial amount of our profits into Research & Development and Product Development. Calvary maintains a full service, well stocked Vision Lab with the latest tools in vision hardware and software, along with leading edge products under evaluation.

We are regularly challenged with vision applications that push the capabilities of the technology available to us. We address the challenges with a holistic and creative approach through sound vision engineering principles. These principles include expert application evaluation, accurate sensor selection, and leading edge lighting solutions.

We think of machine vision as any technology that captures, resolves, and processes the world around us into images or data. As a result, the images or data allow us to inspect, locate, read, mark, measure, and ultimately make deterministic decisions about the objects and surroundings we capture.

Key Application Advantages

Vision Lab Key Applications


                  • Object/feature depth and/or height feedback
                  • Positional feedback of objects in 6 degrees of freedom (X,Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz)
                  • Angular displacement or volume relative to any surface.
                  • Surface defect depth/height
                  • Simplifies challenging applications by creating contrast from height changes, independent of color
                  • Volumetric verification



Quality Inspection Lab

Calvary Robotics operates in many industries and as a result is certified or compliant to a number of quality and regulatory standards.

We complete this work in our in-house Quality Inspection Lab, complete with all possible tools for quality testing and finalizing parts and products to perfection.

Quality Lab

Quality Lab

Quality by Design:

  • A commitment to product and service excellence
  • A robust ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System in place to deliver your product defect free and on time
  • An Internal Phase Gate Process Integrated throughout the Entire Company in Effect Results in Superior Program Execution and Performance
  • A commitment to “Whatever it takes”
  • Posted metrics and Awareness Boards
  • Value Stream Map Production Process
  • Commitment to continuous improvement to our processes that coincide with the technology and services we provide
  • CSA and NUL Approvals
  • GAMP5 compliance
  • ITAR and 13485 compliance
  • ISO 13485:2016

We are constantly striving for improvement and maintaining our leadership position in the market. Our Quality Inspection Lab is housed in a secure part of our facility, where we utilize the tools to ensure our deliverables are what our customers expect.