FleX Feed

Modular Vision Guided Robotics

To begin with, at the heart of our FleX Feed System is our Robotic Feeding Module. Notably, The Robotic FleX Feed Platform revolutionizes the way we feed and sort components. In addition, this module allows for multiple part variants to be singulated, sorted and oriented with little or no hard tooling from a single feeder. Hence, there is little or no tooling changeover when running the next series part. Therefore the system relies on the part geometry for orientation purposes. Also, a high precision vision system is included in determining the viability of parts for successful picking using simple vision algorithms. Further, a second vision system incorporated into the module verifies correct component assembly.

Key Features

  • Vision Guided Robotic Part Feeding and Assembly
  • Modular and Redeployable Design
  • Intuitive and Simplified Controls Programming
  • Plug & Play Distributed Controls Platform
  • Scalable From Process Development Through Production
  • Quick Change Robot Tooling
  • Quick Change Part Transfer Tooling
  • Mechanical or Vacuum Grippers
  • Assembly of Parts From Both Top & Bottom
  • Part Seating or Pressing Capabilities 
  • Vision System Assembly Verification