Robotic Software

Up to the present time, Robotic Systems can cost thousands of dollars on average and take months to program each application. Another key point is, programming experience and support people are more difficult to find and are a costly resource. Therefore at Calvary, we commit to lowering these costs and changing the way industrial robots are controlled and deployed today. Our efforts will result in a configurable and prompt based software methodology for the control end integration of industrial robotics.

Calvary also offers cross-platform software for analyzing system performance. It is our dedication to provide your team with the tools and APIs you need to reduce your costs and manage your business. 

Our Vision

Configurable Prompt-Based Robotic Software

The Opportunity

Robotics Integration in the Industrial Automation Sector is expected to grow from $11 Billion in 2015 to $24.4 Billion by 2025.

The Problem

Software necessary to drive Robotics hardware is almost entirely custom written. This takes time and requires highly skilled people which are scarce and will inhibit growth and drive cost.

The Solution

A Configurable Prompt-Based Software Platform that will be Game Changing to the Industry.

The Value

The cost to implement a robot would be a fraction of today's current cost. Time to implement and skills required for industrial robotics will be dramatically less. The ability to scale manufacturing on pre-validated platforms will greatly reduce time to market as well as overall cost of ownership.

WW Robotics Market

  • Consistent growth in industrial robotics over the last 3 decades and is accelerating
  • Estimated market to be >$24 Billion in 2025
  • Industrial robotics growth areas are in Automotive / Electronics / Medical Segments

Cross Platform Applications

Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and Web

Standard Applications

Calvary offers premium software products to accompany their standard assembly line such as our app-based performance tracking software.
Also Calvary's software is designed and developed to allow you to consistently get the highest performance with the lowest effort.