X-Cell II

Reduction in Costs and Validation Time

The X-Cell II Robotic Platform provides a unique capability by integrating proven automation components into a high-performance and flexible system. This platform was specifically designed for the Healthcare Industry but due to its versatility, it has applications across multiple industries. The system has the ability to accommodate a large number of assembly and related processes for a wide variety of products both quickly and easily. The platform can be utilized and validated at the process development stage and then scaled into production, eliminating the need to revalidate the process. This provides for unprecedented cost reductions and greatly reduced time to market. The system also deploys into cleanroom environments when required. The control of the system is based upon simple and intuitive controls, therefore reducing the need for complex programming. Calvary commits to further advance this software, resulting in lower implementation and support costs.

Key Features

  • Minimal Validation Efforts and Cost
  • Clean Room Capabilities
  • Modular and Redeployable
  • High-Performance 6 axis robot-based system
  • Integrated Vision Inspection and Correction
  • Interlocked Guard Enclosure with Large Viewing Area
  • Integrated Control Panel for all PLC, Motion Control, and Vision Hardware
  • Scalability from Process Development Stage Through to Production
  • Rear Access for Tooling and Parts Feeding