When faced with replacing equipment in manufacturing facilities, often times it is more cost-effective to refurbish/update the existing equipment instead of making a Capital purchasing investment. To ensure your equipment in your facility is running smoothly and is properly tended to, Calvary Robotics also has the ability to test your machines and detect many issues. Machine reliability and safety are two of the most commonly needed areas for improvement within manufacturing organizations. Workplace accidents or equipment malfunctions have detrimental effects on any company. Having the correct processes, and performing scheduled quality checks on all machinery within your workplace, can be drastically reduce these incidents.

Without proper upkeep, outdated machinery becomes a major risk for your employees and overall company profitability. To ensure the safety of your employees while maintaining the efficiency of your manufacturing process, every piece of equipment must be operating properly. Consistent testing, maintenance, research, and upgrades are critical to every company’s bottom line.


Services We Provide:

Calvary Robotics is a one-stop-shop for both our local and worldwide manufacturing clients. Whether you have an emergency, special request, spare parts ordered that are needed in a timely fashion, we have the solution you’re looking for. Calvary Robotics has the capabilities; innovation and talent to machine, mill, grind, turn, weld, hone, jig, edm, surface grind and polish – all completed in-house.

If you have equipment that is unreliable or needs to be upgraded to the latest quality and safety requirements, Calvary Robotics can help you to develop a strategic plan for improvement. When you choose to work with Calvary Robotics, you’re guaranteed expert consultation with over 25 years experience working directly with manufacturing machinery on a daily basis. 

We understand the importance of facility and machine safety, and we’ll use our internal processes and resources to help meet legal regulations and standards/requirements:

  • CNC Machines
  • CAM
  • High Accuracy Jig Bore
  • Wire & Conventional EDM
  • Certified Welding Operators and Supplies
  • Panels of all Sizes and Complexities
  • Single Units or Production Runs
  • Turnkey or Labor Only

Machine and Tooling Refurbishment 

  • Assembly & Alignment Fixtures
  • Test Fixtures
  • Quality & CMM Fixtures
  • Welding Fixtures
  • We Provide Just In Time Tooling (J.I.T.) Repairs and Restoration services in a fast, high-quality operation
  • This ultimately saves all of our clients time and money instead of a Complete Tool Replacement
  • Upgrade of the machine to meet all appropriate safety regulations.
  • Assessment of wear items and proposal of a future maintenance plan.
  • Disassembly, replacement, repair, and reassembly of machine.
  • Reverse engineer, redesign and realignment of mechanical assemblies.
  • Redesign electrical controls system using the latest technology and software to bring reliability and consistency to machine operations.
  • Assessment of hydraulic and pneumatic components with recommendations for rebuild, replacement, or redesign with the latest technology.

Before & After Images