FleX Cell

Modular Agile Flexibility

Calvary Robotics’ FleX Cell Robotic Assembly Platform aims at a wide range of products, parts, assemblies, and processes across numerous industries. Thus, the robotic handling of the system provides for the highest degree of flexibility, repeatability, and accuracy. Additionally, each individual module can be outfitted with the correct feed system depending upon the component being fed. This is accomplished both easily and seamlessly via the engineered plug and play capability. Also this capability is beyond current requirements and allows for the addition of modules for new assembly operations or complete redeployment and configuration of the system. 

In addition, The Intelligent material handling options allow for complete agility and flexibility in part handling and pallet trafficking. The dedicated vision system within each module provides assurance that the product assembly is correct each and every time. The result of all of these system characteristics provides the ultimate production flexibility while keeping the customization of tooling and fixturing to a minimum.

Key Features

  • Modular and Flexible
  • Plug and Play Expansion Capability
  • Scalable and Re-deployable
  • Minimal Custom Tooling and Fixturing
  • Simple and Intuitive Controls Platform
  • Various Feeder Options
  • High-Precision 6 axis Robotic Part handling
  • Intelligent Conveyance Systems
  • Vision System Based Assembly Verification
  • Capable of high speeds an high accuracy
  • Additional Stations and Process can be added within the modules